An Alkaline Water filter Singapore Machine, such as the Water Ionizer, will allow you to produce water of a specific pH. But they have other features as well. They will also have a self-cleaning function, to make sure that impurities will not accumulate on the electrodes, and will extend the filter’s lifetime. Its filter will last for a year, and let you filter as much as 6000 liters of water! If your drinking water is fluoridated, check if the alkaline water machine (or pitcher) will let your water retain its fluoride. The Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher will remove fluoride and chlorine, as well as lead, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, tin and other metals. It will also infuse the water with beneficial minerals: iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, lithium, iodine, and more here.

Alkaline water Singapore besides the pH, another useful statistic is the ORP (= Oxidation-Reduction Potential). In ORP tells the number you whether a liquid will donate or take electrons. It’s measured with an ORP meter--a device that is used by wine and beer makers, to determine when there is no more fermentation, or by pool owners, to see whether your pool has enough chlorine. It gives you a reading in millivolts if the number is positive, it is an oxidizing agent, trying to gain electrons; if the reading is negative, it’s a reducing agent, trying to reduce its number of electrons. You want to get water with as low an ORP as possible that will mean that the water is alkaline, and will work as an antioxidant For better experience with alkaline water filter singapore machines go to this website.

There are many bombastic claims on the market that Alkaline water can help reverse the effects of aging, or even help fight cancer! The theory is that alkaline water reduces free radicals in the body. Free radicals are theorized to cause aging and cancer--so, anything that gets rid of free radicals must be effective against aging and cancer! Needless to say, conventional medicine casts many doubts on these claims. But, one instance where alkaline water can definitely help is for people with heartburn, or GERD (=Gastroesophageal reflux disease). Since alkaline water can neutralize acid, it will help minimize the symptoms of excess stomach acid, which causes heartburn and acid reflux. Also, it can help reduce levels of lactic acid that builds up during exercise. That way, alkaline water can help athletic performance as well.